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PWPO-T Promont was created in 1988 as an independent design office. The scope of activity covered the market of air-technology systems. Our solutions found applications in industrial facilities of various fields of specialisation, ranging from consumer goods to heavy industry, as well as public service. As a result of dynamic development, in 1994 the Company launched the production of devices and systems, and also started to offer their final assembly at clients' facilities.

In 2001 we launched the production of heat exchangers, which are key elements of air-conditioning and heating devices. The same year, the Company purchased the first laser cutter which definitely improved the speed of production and quality of the manufactured air-conditioning and heating devices. This also allowed for launching the production of metal elements cut out with laser.

This extension of the activity scope resulted in expanding the group of clients, which now comprises paper mills, heavy industry plants, textile and agricultural producers, as well as public utility organisations.

Our offer

In our offer you will find: design, production, assembly and service of industrial ventilation and air-conditioning systems, including : dust extracting systems, clean rooms. Design, production and sales of heat exchangers and products based on them, PRO-FITT cabinets and enclosures. Professional services of metalworking: laser cutting , bending on press brakes, punching. Surface preparation: trimming, ball peening, glass-bead blasting. Powder coating of elements, wet painting.

Our products
Lamella heat exchangers, air-conditioning central units, products for conditioning air in mushroom farms and composting chambers, fan coolers, AGW heating/ventilating aggregates, pulse filters, cross-flow heat exchangers for heat recovering, chilled beams, elements of ventilation systems, freon and glycol fan coolers, oil coolers, heat pumps EKO-HEAT, roof fans, intelligent roof fans, gas exchangers, ventilating convectors, electric cabinets, teleinformation cabinets, cabinets and enclosures of special design, steam heaters of ribbed pipes.



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New – Ammonia Refrigerator

We are pleased to inform that we have just concluded the work on our new cooling device – AMMONIA REFRIGERATOR. Its greatest virtue is the application of ammonia in the place of the currently used cooling agents containing fluoroderivatives, the use of which has been significantly limited, according to the present standards.

Important COVID19 update

Dear Promont customers and partners,

We really hope you all are staying safe within these unprecedented circumstances.

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