Cooling towers


Cooling towers are designed for use in all the systems where there is request for big amounts of cooling water to cool the media generated in the production processes : oil baths, large-sized air compressors, and everywhere where great amounts of heat have to be carried off by the medium flowing through the device. Thanks to its construction, the device is able to operate with great efficiency in the process of evaporation, consuming at the same time comparatively small amounts of energy.

Technical parameters :
  • Designed cooling power : 300 kW
  • Evaporation rate : 400 l/h
  • Sprinkling the exchangers : 54 m3/h
  • Air flow rate : 15 m3/h
  • Device net weight : 3 300 kg.
  • Cooling medium : Water 60% - Glycol 40%
  • Power consumption : 20 kW

Thanks to using innovative designing solutions, the proposed by us product features the possibility of changing the output parameters in a wide range in short time. Thanks to its construction, it can be easily serviced, cleaned and modernized, which makes it a very flexible device with the possibility of adjusting it to the specific company's needs.
In the designs existing on the market, the sprinkling water and the cooling air flow in opposite directions (i.e. counter-current). The proposed by us solution suggests the application of partially co-current and partially counter-current flow between the air and the sprinkling water. Such solution has not been so far known and used by the producers of cooling towers. Presently, the cooling towers find application mainly in the industry. Introduction of the innovations proposed by us will enable the use of cooling towers also for living spaces, including these large spaces like commercial centres, office buildings and public buildings.


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