Heating ventilation units type AGW

These units are designed for heating internal air in production facilities, workshops, warehouses and other spaces of similar acoustic requirements. The units are produced in 4 sizes. In each size, 3 sizes of heat exchangers are used. They were designed as devices working with circulating air. There is possibility of equipping this unit with a mixing chamber which will enable the device's work on the mixture of circulating and external air, or exclusively on the external air.

Heating units consist of:

  • an enclosure made of zinc-coated sheet steel and equipped with movable guides at the outlet,
  • an axial-flow fan with direct drive,
  • a shield protecting the fan assembly made of perforated sheet metal,
  • a water heater (heat exchanger type CuAl),
  • a filter, when cleaning the air is required.
    The units may be equipped with single-phase motors adapted for fluent control, or three-phase motors with one or two gears.


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