Pulse jet patron filters

Pulse jet patron filters

Unlike the pulse jet bag filters, they are designed for cleaning air slightly polluted with dry dust (5g/m3). They are characterized with compact design providing greater filtering area at small overall dimensions of the device. Used for cleaning the air blown out through the machine hoods in industries using mechanical processes (e.g. welding, casting, sandblasting), pharmaceutical and food industry, powder coating processes, drying booths, silo venting. Patron filters cartridges are purged periodically with compressed air (regenerated). The process of filter regeneration is executed during the dust extraction system operation and is controlled in the time function or pressure drop on the filters, and it is set up in the control cabinets.

The effectiveness of cleaning air is above 99.5 %; the filter cartridges are adjusted to the polluted air.

The filters are made of sheet steel (acid-resistant, zinc-coated) and may be installed in rooms or outside, and thermally insulated if necessary.

They may be supplied with additional equipment (e.g. explosion protection, augers, chamber feeders, acoustic noise suppressors and other).


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