Promont has been functioning on the air market since 1988 and our first devices for agriculture were created, delivered and launched the same year. They were the units for champignon mushroom growing type AGEP, which were developed in close cooperation with the mushroom producers. These devices are characterised with high resistance and durability, and thank to these properties they are still in use even today. Since that time we have delivered a few thousands of such systems which enable the growers to control strictly the temperature and humidity of air, a feature crucial in other cultures too, including, among others, tomato cultivation. Over the next years we have also developed systems for defining and controlling the climate in closed spaces: abalone mushrooms (Pleurotus) and shitake mushrooms cultivation, pigs and poultry breeding , dairy farms, warehouses, drying facilities.

   Heating farmhouses
   Mushroom cultivation (Fungiculture)
  • units for champignon growing (AGEP)
  • elements of air distribution
  • pressure shutters
  • fans
   Food production
   Warehouses / Storage spaces
  • ceiling-mounted air coolers
  • coolers for apples
  • grain drying unit
  • evaporators for refrigerated counters

For more than 30 years we have been solving problems relate to air. If you have a problem difficult solve – call us and we will be pleased to help.

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