Unit designed for button mushroom cultures

New generation

AGEP and equipment of new generation. Enables gathering increased and uniform crops from the entire cultivated area. This improved product has been created on the basis of experience and the requirements set out by the Champignons growers in Poland and in other countries.

Key innovations:
  • an innovative construction of the cooler ensuring required efficiency, independently from the condensing moisture,
  • significantly improved fan efficiency, with positive impact on the optimal air flow.

Key innovations of the offered equipment:
  • an innovative construction of the pre-heater allowing for heating 100% of the supply air.
  • a new construction of the shutters, which provides the possibility of controlling the pressure in the cultivation chamber.

Air-conditioning units type AGEP

They are designed for conditioning the air in mushroom production spaces. They are Polish products, entirely made by our company PWPO - PROMONT.

Thank to close cooperation with the clients, our engineers are able to design the units to use the best of the the investors' technical capabilities.

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