Dry Coolers / Fan coolers

Dry Coolers / Fan coolers 

They find application everywhere where there is need of cooling the medium, namely both in industrial processes and air-conditioning. The process water is cooled in the lamellar heat exchanger with air flow forced by fans.

Applied directly and indirectly in air-conditioning systems. In direct way, it uses the external air for cooling the air-conditioned rooms. When using an air-conditioning central unit with a mixing chamber, the fresh and circulating air throttles are flexibly controlled in order to use optimally the external cold air. If we use a transmitting medium for receiving the heat form the external air, then we are talking about so-called indirect “free-cooling”.

They find application in industrial processes. Dry coolers may also be used for cooling fluids in industrial processes down to temperatures close to the ambient temperature. So, they will also find application in almost all branches of industry, and mainly in: food, pharmaceutical, paper, chemical and mining industries. A proper selection of the cooler will improve the production potential by optimal cooling of the machines.

In power industry. They are generally used for cooling the engines driving power generators. They consist of two-speed coolers for cooling the engine jackets and the lubrication system.

Fan coolers

Fan fluid coolers are built of lamellar heat exchanger and axial-flow fans. The device, depending on the version, are equipped with 4,6,8 or 10 fans. The heat exchangers were designed in way allowing for effective utilisation of heat exchange between the cooling factor and and the air. In standard version, the exchanger is made of copper pipes and aluminium lamellae. The connector pipes are designed for connecting with the system by screwing. The housing of the device is, as a standard, made of zinc-coated sheet metal, powder-painted. The colour of the housing and the frame is light green or grey. The housing is made in a way making possible placing the devices in a row one next to the other.

Standard work parameters of the heat exchanger : Maximum temperature : 1100 oC. Maximum pressure : 1.0 MPa. We the coolers in horizontal and vertical version, or in "V" form .

Fan cooler H (horizontal)

Fan cooler V (vertical) - double-exchanger in V arrangement

Type Promont symbol Weight Power (kW) Fluid medium flow(m3/h) Number of fans (pcs) Installed electrical power rating. (kW)
Drycooler H4 NW12KZ/70T-06R-2900A-35P-70NC 1200 265 45 4 8,4
Drycooler H6 NW12KZ/70T-06R-4500A-35P-105NC 1800 400 70 6 12,6
Drycooler H8 NW12KZ/70T-06R-6500A-35P-140NC 2600 550 95 8 16,8

V - Double-exchanger in V arrangement

Type Promont symbol
Weight Power (kW) Fluid medium flow(m3/h) Number of fans (pcs) Installed electrical power rating. (kW)
Drycooler V4 2xNW12KZ/56T-06R-2900A-30P-56NC 2000 360 62 4 13,2
Drycooler V8 2xNW12KZ/56T-06R-4500A-30P-84NC 2900 640 114 8 26,4
Drycooler V10 2xNW12KZ/56T-06R-6500A-30P-112NC 3900 860 150 10 33



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