Outdoor cabinets and enclosures IP65

Outdoor enclosures IP65 find application, among others, in power industry, automation in teleinformation industry, particularly in locations exposed to high pollution or flooding (production halls, sewage-treatment plants, quays).

Enclosures of IP65 series are designed to be used in industrial constructions but also in housing. Depending on the type of the equipment installed inside, as well as the power used, they may perform the functions of: measurement, electric devices supervision, production control and monitoring.

The enclosures design ensures tightness and the same protection of the electrical equipment against the detrimental effect of external elements, like dust or water.

Our enclosures are of the highest quality, which is proved by numerous certificates and many years of experience, assuring safety of the devices used in specific situations.

Standard make

We also make cabinets to special individual orders. An exemplary
road-side cabinet with space for batteries

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