The company

How we started
PWPO-T Promont was created in 1988 as an independent design office. The scope of activity covered the market of air-technology systems. Our solutions found applications in industrial facilities of various fields of specialisation, ranging from consumer goods to heavy industry, as well as public service. As a result of dynamic development, in 1994 the Company launched the production of devices and systems, and also started to offer their final assembly at clients' facilities.
In 2001 we launched the production of heat exchangers, which are key elements of air-conditioning and heating devices. The same year, the Company purchased the first laser cutter which definitely improved the speed of production and quality of the manufactured air-conditioning and heating devices. This also allowed for launching the production of metal elements cut out with laser.
This extension of the activity scope resulted in expanding the group of clients, which now comprises paper mills, heavy industry plants, textile and agricultural producers, as well as public utility organisations.

Our mission:  Responding in flexible way to the needs of our clients, we carry out even such orders which others do not attempt to challenge, fulfilling them with highest quality from the consultancy phase till final assembly at client's site.
Values we respect: Quality, flexibility, effectiveness, innovation, responsibility, respect and reliability.

What we do
In our offer you will find: design, production, assembly and service of industrial ventilation and air-conditioning systems, including : dust extracting systems, clean rooms. Design, production and sales of heat exchangers and products based on them, PRO-FITT cabinets and enclosures. Professional services of metalworking: laser cutting , bending on press brakes, punching. Surface preparation: trimming, ball peening, glass-bead blasting. Powder coating of elements, wet painting.

Dedicated products
Lamella heat exchangers, air-conditioning central units, products for conditioning air in mushroom farms and composting chambers, fan coolers, AGW heating/ventilating aggregates, pulse filters, cross-flow heat exchangers for heat recovering, chilled beams, elements of ventilation systems, freon and glycol fan coolers, oil coolers, heat pumps EKO-HEAT, roof fans, intelligent roof fans, gas exchangers, ventilating convectors, electric cabinets, teleinformation cabinets, cabinets and enclosures of special design, steam heaters of ribbed pipes.
Distinction award 
One of the three main awards in the PKN Orlen contest for Low-Temperature Waste Heat Recovery Technologies in petroleum refineries was won by Polish-Swedish consortium under the leadership of PROMONT-T PROMONT from Świebodzice. The same awards were also won ex aequo by Indian company Guha Industries, specialising in creating solutions for chemical companies, and German ILK Dresden.

All of them were expected to propose a unique method for improving the energy effectiveness by recovering low temperature heat (up to 900o Celsius) having been lost so far irretrievably in distillation columns of the refining facilities.

Consortium PWPO-T PROMONT proposed a technology combining an organic Rankine cycle with absorbing coolers, transforming low-temperature heat into electrical energy and cold.

Edward Przydróżny, PROMONT's Vice-President of in charge of scientific and technical issues, and a research fellow of Wrocław Technical University, explains that the Company for a certain time has been offering similar solutions to its potential clients, but emphasised that every solution is individual and requires a significant intellectual input.

Innovative approach
Innovativeness is one of the crucial values in our Company. We are inspired by it both at creating the designs and while working on the manufacturing technology. Applying new knowledge in the production process is for us a continuous process of transforming the existing opportunities into new ideas and implementing them in practical applications. We bet on innovativeness, and that is why: we cautiously select the technical personnel and continuously invest in in their development; we collaborate with scientific institutions form entire Poland; we work on the latest 3D designing software, using modules for load calculations and the selecting-calculation software for precise selection of heat exchangers; we invest in purchasing the up-to-date machines, which assure that our products are of perfect quality and equipped in perfect technology.

Our innovative approach has been appreciated
We are the beneficiary of the EU programs, thanks to which we have an innovative station for testing parameters of fans operation, which, in turn, enables us to use the highest quality subassemblies with the best efficiency for the device they are dedicated for. Thanks to numerous financial resources from the European Union, we have the most recent machine stock in Poland which places us in the leading position among the companies in this branch of business. We are the winners of Gazelles of Business Award entitling us to the membership in the elite Gazelles of Business Club comprising the most dynamically developing companies. We have been awarded the certificate in the Forbes Diamonds ranking by Dun and Bradstreet Poland.
How we are assessed

Certificates: Quality Management System : PN-EN ISO 9001:2008, Welding ISO : PN-EN ISO 3834-2, Forbes Diamonds, The Gazelles of Business, The Employer of the Year. Attests: Hygienic Attest – lamella heat exchangers, Hygienic Attest – Ventilation/air-conditioning central units.

Social Responsibility
PROMONT ceaselessly invests in human resources, environmental protection and local community. We support both the sport and educational activities in our town. We provide social care to our employees and their families.

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