Adsorptive Unit

The research and development studies have led to creation of an innovative design of a refrigerating unit containing new solutions introduced in the heat and mass exchanger construction.
The innovativeness of the design allows to:
- increase the refrigerating capacity of the unit, gained from the unit mass of silica gel (sorptive mass used in the exchanger),
- reduce the average speed of water steam inflow (to the deposit) at producing the refrigerating energy,
- reduce the average speed of water stem outflow at deposit regeneration,
- shorten the time of saturation and regeneration of the deposit in the exchanger,
- reduce the quantity of sorptive material used.
The conducted research has shown a shorter regeneration time for the modified sorptive heat exchangers (process of desorption).


In one working cycle this time is shorter by 2 to 5 minutes, in comparison to the previous design.
During the cyclic work of the deposit (adsorption-desorption), the shorter regeneration time results in less energy consumption. In a 24-hour work cycle, the savings make up for 7% to 10%.
A shorter regeneration time  translates also into greater number of cooling cycles.
A refrigerating unit equipped with the innovative exchanger will be able to generate 8 – 12 % more cold water in comparison to the traditional exchanger.

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