Pulse jet bag filters

Pulse jet bag filters are designed for purifying the air of loose dust. The filters are basically designed for operation in a vacuum system. For each dust-extracting system, the filter, type of filtrating fibre, and the filtration and regeneration parameters should be selected individually. The filters have a module construction, which enables flexible configurations.

Filter`s basic elements:
  • Filter chamber,
  • Clean air chamber,
  • Chute with cellar feeder,

Elements of filter chamber, the clean air chamber and the chute are made of zinc-coated sheet steel. The act as carrying elements of the filter, which makes its assembly easier. For sealing the filter, PU gaskets are used with sealing compound (paste). The filtrating bags, with rectangular cross-section, are replaced on the clean air side, after disassembling the side covers of the cleaned air chamber and the air-blast pipes. The filtrating bags are fitted in horizontal position. For controlling the filter's operation, a control cabinet is used. The filter bags are regenerated in rows with short impulses of compressed air, without interrupting the continuity of the filter operation.


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