Paper industry

Promont offers a range of comprehensive solutions in the field of ventilation, air-conditioning and low-temperature heat recovery dedicated for paper industry. Our offer includes comprehensive consultancy, design, assembly, launching and service of the systems produced by our company, such as:

  • Energy-saving and modern ventilation and air-conditioning systems ensuring the comfort of work in paper production houses and in auxiliary rooms, based on ventilation central units produced by us.
  • Systems of heat recovery (recuperation) based on heat exchangers of our design, allowing for reducing the costs of the ventilation air conditioning.
  • High-performance shield of our design ensuring energy-saving and effective paper production of highest quality.
  • Shield enclosures for paper-making machines together with vertical lifting doors.

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  Recuperation - heat recovery
  Enclosures for multi-cylinder paper machines / tissue
  • engineering solutions for industry
  • enclosures for paper machines
  • vertrical lifting door
  • supporting constructions for paper machine enclosures

  Production bays ventilation

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