Radiator heat pump

Radiator heat pump is is included in the air-water type of heat pumps, which, thanks to its innovative design, obtains the heat of medium’s condensation and evaporation. According to the requirements of standard PN EN 14511, the coefficient of performance (COP) for heat pumps of this class should be min. 3.1 at ambient temperature +2oC. The Heat Pump offered by our company significantly exceeds these requirements and reaches COP equal to 4,3.
The results achieved in the course of a four-year research and tests of the heat pump in operation conditions::
  • Innovative design ensures high performance and reliability,
  • low operation costs obtained by eliminating circulation pumps,
  • no need to drill deep wells or install horizontal coils in the ground,
  • no possibility of exhausting the lower source of heat, because it is fully renewable,
  • no noise and side products, e.g. exhaust gases,
  • easy installation not requiring significant financial expenditures.
The Radiator Heat Pump is a maintenance-free device.

In our heat pump a natural cooling medium is used and an energy-saving compressor of SCROLL type, as well as a radiator-type gravity evaporator as the bottom source of heat. The RPC heat pump is adapted to work with a low-temperature central heating system of the following parameters:

  • + 35°C – water temperature at central heating supply
  • + 30°C – water temperature at the return from the central heating system
It is characterised by low cost of operation.
  • 4 times lower than heating with electric boiler powered by energy according to the off-peak tariff,
  • more than 4.5 times lower than heating with oil,
  • 5 times lower than heating with LPG gas,
  • nearly 2 time lower than heating with natural gas GZ 50,
  • nearly 1.5 lower than heating by a boiler using black coal.
Mounting at the building Mounting on the roof
Heat pump model RPC 40 RPC 40 RPC 60 RPC 80
Heating power in conditions according to EN14511. Evaporator ambient temperature +2˚C
Temperature of heating medium supplied to the heating system +35˚C
8,0-8,4 kW 10,25-10,75 kW 15,6-16,7 kW
Power consumption in conditions according to EN 14511 2,0 kW 2,5 kW 3,9 kW
Coefficient of performance (COP) in conditions according to EN 14511 4,0 - 4,3 4,1 - 4,3 4,0 - 4,3
Supply voltage 380 - 400 V / 3+N / 50 Hz
Required minimal flow of heating medium medium through the condenser [dm3/h] 2700dm3/h 2900 dm3/h 3790 dm3/h
Min. volume of fluid coupling constituting the volume of heating medium in the system CO [dm3/h] 320 dm3 320 dm3 320 dm3
Estimated house area (cubic capacity) which the pump is able to heat 120 m2 150 m2 220 m2


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