Acoustic enclosures

We offer superstructures which will allow you to reduce the noise generated by: power generators, machines and other sources.

W dzisiejszym świecie niezwykle istotne stało się kontrolowanie wytwarzanego hałasu zarówno ze względów bezpieczeństwa, ale także społecznych i ekonomicznych. Wprowadzane są regulacje prawne, które ściśle określają dozwolony poziom hałasu, który może być emitowany przez maszyny, pompy, generatory prądotwórzcze i inne.

In today's world, it is extremely important to control the generated noise, both due to the safety and to the social and economical reasons. Legal regulations are implemented precisely specifying the allowed level of noise which may be emitted by the machines, pumps, power generators and other equipment.
PROMONT specialises in housings which will help you to reduce the noise level in your company, or that generated by the devices produced by you. Factors not related to noise, like ventilation, access, resistance to fire are also make up an integral part of our project.

  • We will design a housing which will reduce the noise from 18 dB(A) to the level expected by you
  • We are specialised in executions which others would not attempt to make
  • All the products are tailored to your expectations

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