Cereal grain drying unit

The technology of preserving grain most frequently used in Poland is aimed at a long-term storage. The methods enabling the long-term storage consist in drying and cooling the grain. The selection of the drying and cooling method depends on the grain humidity.

The grain with humidity of up to 24 % may be dried and cooled with low-temperature method, while in case of grain with humidity over 24%, a fast high-temperature drying is necessary.

In the drying process, the future use of the cereals should be considered, because the seed-grain should be died in temperature up to 33°C, to prevent it from losing its germination ability, and grain for consumption in temperature up to 60–66°C.

A longer storage of grain without losing its quality is possible exclusively in controlled conditions, i.e. in temperature below 16°C and humidity approximately 12 %.

Promont company, in cooperation with FEERUM company has created a unit ideally ensuring the above conditions. An example of this may be the mobile unit presented in the photo below.

The cereals stored in silos is conditioned not only by humidity but also by the temperature. In contemporary cereal storage, four basic methods or preservation are known, which utilise the work of cooling units:

• drying the grain using a cooling unit as a heat pump,
• drying the grain in low temperatures,
• conditioning the air in order to bring the grain to a desired temperature and humidity,
• cooling the grain.


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