High-pressure shutters

In order to remove excess air and limit the uncontrolled inflow of outside air into the hall, it is recommended to use two overpressure blinds in the hall.

Size Type
200 300 400 500 600 900 1200
Nominal width [Dimension S] 800 800 800 1220 800 1220 1220
Normal height [Dimension H] 800 1640 1640 1640 1640 1640 1640
Mounting hole 840 x 870 840 x 1710 840 x 1710 1260 x 1710 840 x 1710 1260 x 1710 1260 x 1710
Quantity 2pcs. 2pcs. 2pcs. 2pcs. 4pcs. 4pcs. 4pcs.

All dimensions are provided in mm.


The blades of the pressure relief blinds are made of aluminium sheet and are embedded in frame made of galvanized sheet metal. In the new version, the blinds blades are slightly included backwards and are fastened with a common pull, which means that all blades work in parallel and are not susceptible to the phenomenon of "shaking" in strong winds and self-opening. Such a solution increases the durability of these elements.

In addition, it is possible to install an additional load, which enables the opening of the blind at the required overpressure in the hall. The blinds are equipped with and EU3 (G3)-class filter as standard.

The pressure relief blinds has a possibility of modular built-in, which makes it possible to adjust it to each object individually.

On the left-hand side there is a diagram of the selection of the blinds.

A - width of the blind module = 380 mm,
B - height of the blind module = 800 mm,
S - nominal width of the entire blind = 380 x M + 40 x (M - 1),
H - nominal height of the entire blind = 800 x N + 40 x (N - 1),
M - number of modules on the blind lenght,
N - number of modules at the blind height.

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