Thanks to a conscious attitude to the processes of design planning and production, from the very beginning we implement solutions and technologies which enable us to achieve the product's desired quality and durability. During designing process, we obtain and analyse the data pertaining to the operation conditions of the device, and on this basis we select proper materials and construction solutions. In production, we manufacture elements using modern machines and technologies, and because all processes are executed under our supervision, we can guarantee high quality of work. Using the most up-to-date machines ensures reduction of the number of operations, improves precision of work, reduces the risk of damaging the parts and their exposure to environmental factors. We use control processes at the work stations and between the operations, with the respective employees' full commitment in the process of self-control.

We ensure the quality of execution by:

  • appointing a dedicated project manager,
  • using certified materials with identification and traceability in the production cycle,
  • supervision over the special processes (clean production from stainless steel, welding),
  • verification of the parts manufacture and processes by independent certified external inspectors,
  • preparing the control plan,
  • preparing the maps of welding and production processes,
  • preparing the technology of welding and production processes
  • applying the required system of coating.

Our products are tested in the laboratory, and then subjected to leak, strength (acc. to MES method), noise tests and others.

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