Ammonia Refrigerator

Ammonia Refrigerator

 The Ammonia refrigerator is designed for applications in all the systems where there is the need of cooling chilled water or other indirect agents, as glycols in the temperature range +5ºC -15ºC. This device was designed as a complete cooler in an intermodal container housing. It may be used as a mobile device for applications in various industries. A simple assembly consisting in positioning the device outside, connecting the power and installing the indirect medium to the heat sinks inside the building. Due to the application of the container housing, this device is easy in the road, rail or sea transport to clients anywhere in the world.

  • Minimum refrigeration capacity – 25 kW
  • Maximum refrigeration capacity – 250 kW
  • Cooling agent– R717 (ammonia – NH3)

KEY ADVANTAGES: The cooling device is based on natural cooling agent R717 (ammonia NH3), replacing the fuoroderivative cooling agents use in other cooling devices (Act of 15th May 2015 on substances reducing the ozone layer and some fluorinated greenhouse gases). The device is designed in a container housing, thanks to which it is easy in transport and assembly.

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