Axial flow fans

Basic information

Axial-flow fans are devices serving for pumping gases. It may occur through the canals connected to these fans or without the canals. In case of a axial-flow fan, the rotation axis of the rotor runs parallelly to the generated air stream.

Axial-flow fans find application in places where high air streams are required with low pressure.


Axial-flow fans produced by Promont are designed for a wide array of applications in general or industrial ventilation systems. A typical design enables the transport of polluted air (below 0.5g/m3), and the fan operation in an environment with humidity content up to 95 % , within the range of temperatures from +3°C to +40°C. The pumped air must be free from flammable or explosive substances. The air flow capacity, depending on the fan size, is up to 30 000 m3/h.

A fan produced by our company is an axial-flow fan with direct drive. A fan is made, as a standard, entirely of carbon steel S235JR, and, as an option, there is possibility of making the enclosure of zinc-coated or stainless steel ISO 1.4301 (AISI 304). The flange-type motor is mounted to the shield welded with the fan casing. The motor is cooled with the pumped air.
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