Centrifugal fans

Basic information
Centrifugal fans are devices for pumping gas. The air flow direction is perpendicular to the rotor axis and in the device it changes the direction by 90°. In comparison with the axial-flow fans, centrifugal constructions are characterised with higher compression and capacity. They also have better function of air flow regulation.


Centrifugal fans produced by Promont are designed for a wide range of applications in general, industrial or agricultural industries (e.g. mushroom growing spaces). The capacity of the device, depending on the fan size, is up to 10 000 m3/h.

A fan produced by our company is an axial-flow fan with direct drive. The fan casing is made of aluminium and is reinforced with aluminium angle bars. The rotor is made of stainless sheet steel. These materials allow for work in systems with high content of ammonia. The solutions applied enable disassembly of the device without the necessity of dismounting the whole fan, or the motor.

The fan purposefully designed with the technological needs of mushroom growing spaces in mind is:

Aluminium Centrifugal Fan WA

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