Cross-flow exchangers

Cross-flow exchangers

We have the honour to present you an offer for plate exchangers of our production, used for heat recuperation from the removed air, while retaining 3% of leakage. The air flows through the exchanger in a cross-flow method. The air streams flow between the plates-lamellae, which may be made of aluminium, stainless steel, corten steel (or other, after settling it with us).

In the exchanger, the in-take and out-take air do not get mixed, thanks to which we retain its required parameters and tightness close to the required percentage. The grade of heat recuperation may be controlled depending on the distance between the plates (from 13 to 32 mm), i.e. different distance on the removed air, and different (or equal) on the in-take air. Such solution gives the possibility of optimal selection of the exchanger, depending on the needs.

The removed air flows through the other space between the exchanger plates, heating them. The fresh air collects the heat from these plates (heat recuperation) and is blown into the rooms. Thanks to applying the plate exchanger, a significant reduction is achieved in the power of heater ensuring right temperature of the in-take air. This has an impact on significant reduction in costs related to the operation of the ventilating and air-conditioning devices based on plate exchangers. Exchnagers of this type find application mainly in industry, but they also may be successfully applied in ventilation/air-conditioning systems.

Plate exchangers

are produced in modules (links) (optimal size of a module side wall 1060x1060 mm. Although, we can make any other), which may be connected together, creating heat recuperating surfaces of very large dimensions, reaching even several meters (actually, there is no limit to it). The rigidity of a packet is ensured by a solid frame and appropriately selected distances mounted in the spaces between the plates (the allowable pressure difference in the in-take and out-take canals may be up to 3000 Pa).

An advantage of this exchanger is a very simple, solid design, the lack of movable parts, and, as a result of this, silent work and high efficiency of heat recuperation.

We have long-lasting experience in producing heat exchangers of this type. We have made, among others, systems for regaining energy, based on exchangers of our production, for paper mill "Malta-Decor" (the total area of exchange was 2 800 m2) and "MTM", "Lamix", and "Welmax", as well as for enterprise "Quin" producing driving wheels for Mercedes, Bentley and other renowned brands.


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