Duct coolers CWK

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Duct coolers CWK are designed to be built in between the ventilation or air-conditioning ducts with rectangular cross-section. The heat exchanger is made from copper pipes and aluminium lamellae. The enclosure is of zinc-coated sheet steel and has an inspection door enabling access for maintenance. The device is equipped with a drip tray with blowdown connecting pipe. The cooler is designed for horizontal air flow. The execution, depending on the service side, may be right or left-sided.

Optionally, a built-in version is made with additional equipment like condenser (condensate separator). Water particles gathered together with the passing air, in case there is no condenser, penetrate the ducts, which causes damage to the ducts and has adverse effect on the air quality. The condenser is recommended when the speed of air in the system exceeds 3m/s. It is made entirely if aluminium. We also make customized duct coolers, in accordance with individual specifications adapted to the customer's requirements as to the material or parameters.


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