Honoured employers

The Housing Cooperative in Świebodzice received the diploma and title of Employer of the Year 2011 for Świebodzice. The title had been awarded by the readers of Gazeta Świebodzicka, voting in an annual competition organised by this biweekly newspaper. The second position was awarded to company PWPO-T Promont, and the third one to Defalin Group.

Handing the diplomas to the winners took place on Friday 13th April in the Town Hall. The awards were handed on behalf of Mayor Bogdan Kożuchowicz, who were unable to participate in the ceremony due to his other duties and was represented by the Chairman of the Town Council Łukasz Kwadrans and Agnieszka Bielawska-Pękala, the spokeswoman of the Town Authorities who at the same time is the editor of the newspaper.

The diplomas were received by : Elżbieta Krzan the President of the Housing Cooperative, Leonard Pławecki Vice-President of Promont, and Lubomir Trojanowski, the boss of Defalin. In a nice atmosphere, at coffee and cakes, we were talking about current concerns of the entrepreneurs, plans of development and attempts to a possible extension of both companies, which are interested in the areas included in the industrial zone of Świebodzice.

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