Induction beams

Induction beams are designed for cooling rooms of moderate heat gains and insignificant humidity gains. Typical applications are in public buildings, hotels and office rooms, where most frequently there is the need of individual shaping of the internal temperature. The unquestionable advantages of these devices are: very low level of noise, energy saving translated into low costs of operation and little need for maintenance. The characteristic feature of the cooling beams produced by our company is application of a dripping tray, thanks to which parameters of the used cooling medium may be definitely lower than the ones used in typical designs.


This product was implemented in production within project: "Improving the innovativeness of PWPO-T PROMONT Sp. z o.o. By purchasing machines and specialist software". The project was co-financed by European Union from the resources of Regional Development Fund and the State Budget within Regional Operation Plan for Lower Silesian district for years 2007-2013.

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