Intelligent roof fans

IWD type fans

They are dedicated for work in modern exhaust ventilation systems. Due tot he applied intelligent module, IDW fans prove perfectly suitable for home ventilation systems as well as for offices, social rooms, utility rooms and for ventilating industrial spaces. The control system integrated with the fan allows for automatic adjustment of the fan to the conditions in the room by controlling the CO2 content , or temperature, in the ventilated room. The applied control module, by measuring selected parameters, adjusts the fan output to the actual conditions. This allows to use optimally of the fan, ensure almost invariable air conditions in the ventilated space and generate saving arising from adjusting the fan power to the actual needs. Additionally, each fan is provided with the function of lowering the capacity in “night mode”. There is also possibility of applying regulation using other parameters – for example, air humidity, CO level, etc. Furthermore, IWD fans are distinguished by their functional and compact enclosure as well as the obtained high values of efficiency and pressure.

All fans from PROMONT are produced in Quality Assurance System in line with ISO 9001, and they have CE marking, which means they meet the directives of European Union in the scope of safety.


The design of the IWD type product line is based on centrifugal fans with direct drive. As a standard, the enclosure is made entirely of sheet steel, powder-coated with colour RAL 9005, or other on demand. The enclosures of galvanized, stainless steel or aluminium may be made on demand, after prior arrangement. The rotors with backward inclined blades are welded of steel and powder coated. On demand, the fan may be made with aluminium or stainless rotor. The rotors are balanced dynamically acc. to ISO1940 in Class G2.5.

The fans are adapted to work in vertical position and for assembly on flat roofs, after using suitable roof bases they can be fitted on sloped roofs, but only when ensuring vertical work position.

For the fan drive, single- or three-phase electric motors are used. The motors are made according to standard IEC60072 and IEC60034, they have CE mark and are produced under quality system ISO9001. Insulation Class F, protection Code IP55.

All fans type WID are covered with 24-month warranty which include the control and drive system. The motors installed in the fans type WID are covered with a 36-month warranty from the producer.


System of automatic regulation and control
The basic system of the fan capacity automatic regulation includes capacity control depending on the measured pressure of CO2 and/or temperature in the room. In this option, there is possibility of applying a control system using humidity and CO sensors.

  • Control system equipment:
    Control cabinet with a regulator, CO2 and/or temperature sensor, safety switch (mounted on the fan), main switch, cables (20m)

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