Mixing fans

Mixing fans - WM570 type mixed fan
is a device for even vertical and horizontal distribution of the air temperature in the facility being heated. It is a Polish product, entirely made by PWPO-T PROMONT. Using the newest technologies and equipping the plant in specialist machines allowed for building fans at high technical level. All elements of the fan are made of steel and powder coated, which gives very high anti-corrosive protection and durability. The device is driven by an electric motor with power 0.25 kW and speed 695 r.p.m.
Properly designed and located fans may bring savings in the electric power needed for heating the building even by 30 %.

The device is specially designed for buildings with huge cubic capacity and height above 4 metres. In poorly heated rooms, the fan produces a uniform mixture of the air in the building. The device, in a controlled way, sucks the hot air floating towards the ceiling, and then distributes it centrifugally, maintaining thermal balance in the entire building.

The advantages of our device:

In summer season:
  • supporting the gravitational ventilation in the building
  • inducing air movement in the room, particularly in the zones where people stay
  • limiting the odours, smoke, etc., concentration in the air in the living zone.

In winter season :
  • limiting the demand for heat needed for warming the ventilating air
  • warm air intake form underneath the ceiling to the work zone
  • improving the microclimate.


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