Pipes and profiles cutting

Automatic device for machining pipes and open profiles using a laser beam. Completely automatic system of loading, cutting and unloading of the machined elements, with the highest flexibility and efficiency. Accessibility of three unloading positions, including unloading position for wastes. Toally automatic regulation of loading, machine, pipe supports and unloading, as well as the devices for controlling the cutting process of pipes with:

  • ROUND cross-section, with diameter from 12 to 152.4 mm;
  • SQUARE cross-section, with side from 12 to 150 mm;
  • RECTANGULAR and FLAT-OVAL cross-section, inscribed into a circle of diameter 215 mm, with wall of minimum dimension 12 mm and maximum 150 mm, and with maximum difference 140 mm between the walls.

  • minimum length of an element: 1900 mm;
  • maximum weight of material: 23 kg/m.

It is suitable for materials of soft steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, brass and copper ; also for aluminium alloys, but together with a device for dust neutralisation (available on demand).
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