Powder coating

Powder coating - 102_1.jpg Company PROMONT has a line for powder coating, which enables coating elements of the following dimensions:

  • width – 0.8 m
  • length – 3.0 m ( with possibility up to 8 m )
  • height – 1.5 m

Thank to powder coating, we obtain a coat resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. The quality of our coating is guaranteed by our employees with many years of experience. Thank to the use of specialist paints and primes, the coat longevity may even reach 20 years.

Process description:
Coating with powder is a technology consisting in applying the paint in a form of powder on the surface of metal elements, and then curing the surface in high temperature. Surfaces painted with powder coating are very resistant to corrosion and have spectacular look and are colour-fast.

The coating technology consists in applying the powder on a metal surface by electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying. The powder exists in grain sizes from approx. 10 µm to approx. 100 µm. The coating is applied with spray guns, which are powered with compressed air, which, in turn, is additionally used for powder fluidization. Powder fluidisation is a process in which the granular (loose) material acquires the properties of fluid materials, where the powder suspension in air becomes a substance easy to transfer in pneumatic systems.

The powder used for spaying has dielectric properties. This means that particles of coating easy store electric charges and may be their carriers. For this reason, the coated elements must conduct electric charges (superficially is sufficient). That is why the charged particles adhere evenly to the surface of the coated element. Next, the coating is cured in high temperature (approximately 200 °C) or with another technique, e.g. with UV radiation. The coating is applied directly on the surfaces, which produces surfaces evenly smooth, without weeping and wrinkles.

Powder coatings are completely safe for people and the environment, have certificates permitting their contact with food and potable water. During the coating process, no chemical agents like solvents nor any their derivatives are used. The coatings are ecological, which causes that the work during applying the coatings is not harmful for health, and the surface high temperature curing process does not emit any hazardous substances into the atmosphere.

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