Roof fans

Basic information
Roof fans produced by our company are designed for exhaust ventilation systems in auxiliary rooms, production spaces, kitchens, sanitary rooms, etc. The fan may, but does not have to, be connected to the air ducts transporting the pumped air. We produce two types : WDK and WDO.

The devices are designed to work in home / general or industrial ventilating systems. The range of air streams, depending on the fan size, may be up to 10 000 m3/h.

The roof fans are centrifugal fans with a steel horizontal rotor with horizontal air discharge, protected with a steel grill. In the version with vertical discharge, a shield ma be used, which also acts as an acoustic screen.

A fan may be produced in a version made of stainless / acid-resistant steel, resistant to humidity and chemicals contained in the removed air. The fan motor may be adjusted for work with an inverter. Motors with horizontal discharge have aluminium enclosure protecting them from the sun and rain.

The roof fan bases are square or round in cross-section and they can have thermo-acoustic insulation if it required. Optionally, a return flap may be applied limiting the air outflow from the room when the fan works.


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