Shell and tube heat exchanger

With pleasure, we would like to inform about extending our offered products range by shell-and-tube heat exchangers working as condensers.
The shell-and-tube condensers are units used for the heat exchange between the cooling agent (F-gas) and the heated medium (e.g. water, glycol solution).
We make the exchangers in the technology of shell, inside which a bundle of copper tubes is placed. The cooling agent giving off heat flows inside the coil, and the medium receiving heat flows in the shell.
This innovative design allowed for achieving a significant reduction of the shell dimensions, retaining, at the same time high parameters of heat exchange. The exchangers already at the stage of designing are adjusted to the needs of our clients, and then made to the specific client’s requirements.
A 35-year experience of PWPO-T Promont in producing heat exchangers guarantees a high level of execution as well as long and reliable operation.
For more information, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service Office.

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