Sorptive Heat Exchanger

sorptive heat exchanger

Innovative heat and mass exchanger with sorptive deposit.

A new type of exchangers is used in adsorptive refrigerating units of innovative design on a global scale.
The changes introduced in the design allow to reduce the quantity of energy consumed by the unit while, at the same time, increasing the quantity of generated cold water. Additionally, the change of design allows to reduce the quantity of utilised sorptive material.


Conducted studies have shown a shorter time of regeneration for the modified sorptive heat exchangers (process of desorption).
In one cycle this time is shorter by 2 to 5 minutes in reference to the previous design. During the cyclic work of the deposit (adsorption-desorption), the shorter regeneration time results in less energy consumption. In a 24-hour work cycle, the savings make up for 7% to 10%.
A shorter regeneration time translates also into greater number of cooling cycles.
A refrigerating unit equipped with the innovative exchanger will be able to generate 8 – 12 % more cold water in comparison to the traditional exchanger.

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